Matrix began its activities as a connector manufacturer of high quality IC Sockets and Pin-Headers.

Over the years, we have been recognized for our excellent services provided to the Electro Electronics areas; Telecommunications; Banking Automation; OEM; Computing; Automotive; Aerospace and Medical.

Matrix is ​​currently a leading company in the Electro Electronics area, offering a complete line of connectors and harnesses for the South and North American markets. Our products have international approvals such as UL, CSA, CE, FCC and ISO9001-2000. With continuous investments, we have expanded our factories to three, which are located in Brazil, Canada and China.

We were also recognized for our excellent Distribution and Representation services, receiving recognition from our clients and represented companiesWe believe that Matrix provides one of the best services for the market, committing ourselves to a successful relationship with our clients and represented companies, through excellent services and commercial technical support.

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